Here I have included recent praise and feedback I have received from my various types of teaching, tutoring, coaching and lecturing:

“The impact of learning and assessment was outstanding […] An outstanding level of subject knowledge, which was used effectively to explore the topic and encourage learners to use the correct terminology and language. Excellent structuring of the session with a pace which engaged and positively challenged the learners. A positive and supportive rapport with the entire group of learners, with feedback being given in an encouraging, supportive and flexible manner. Skilful and highly effective at asking and handling questions and drawing out further comments from the class. Encouraged learners to ask questions and discuss the topic in a supportive and very positive way, thus building their confidence and self-esteem.” (WEA observer using OFSTED standards)


“Learning Portuguese with Bex is brilliant. In only 3 sessions I have learned so much and my confidence has really grown. Bex has done a lot of travelling as well, so it’s really nice to learn from someone who has been immersed in different cultures. I really enjoy my lessons with Bex and would highly recommend her as a languages tutor! 5 /5 stars *****” (Nicola, Portuguese tutee)
“Like Bex, I am dyslexic, however she has taught me multiply ways around this problem to be able to take challenges head on. In just four weeks I’ve gone from not having a clue about VR to passing a VR enterence exam. Not only this she has taught me how to write and form essays correctly. So I highly suggest Bex Harper. 5 /5 stars *****” (Sebastian, Dyslexia Coaching and Verbal Reasoning Tutee)
“I would highly recommend Bex as a tutor. She relates well to her students and is very knowledgeable in her subject. She is also very encouraging and supportive. 5 /5 stars *****” (Corinne, parent of Max, A-level German tutee)
“I cannot fault Bex Harper. You get a really thorough and engaging coaching and tutoring session where time seems to fly by. She definitely made me smarter than I thought I was! Thoroughly recommended. 5 /5 stars *****” (Gerry, study skills tutee)
“Marvellous. Well worth every penny. 5 /5 stars *****” (Chris for her grandson Sebastian, Dyslexia Coaching and Verbal Reasoning Tutee)
“I have been getting on very well […] thanks to your foundation basics to kick start learning.” (Dan, German beginner crash course tutee)
“Thank you. Teacher Bex has raised my child’s interest in learning English.” (Parent of AnAn, an EFL student at DaDaABC)
“The teacher has an energetic voice and teaching is very rigorous.” (Parent of Sunny, an EFL student at DaDaABC)
“I like you and you teach me very well, thank you! You are very nice. My mother and I like you very much” (Minnie, an EFL student at DaDaABC)
“A very interesting and thought-provoking course on the subject of nostalgia in films” (a WEA student of my ‘Film and Nostalgia: Representations of History’ course)
“[A] very enjoyable and informative [course]” (a WEA student of my ‘Film and Nostalgia: Representations of History’ course)
 “Thoroughly enjoyed this very unusual course. Thank you.” (a WEA student of my ‘Film and Nostalgia: Representations of History’ course)
“I have learnt a great deal about understanding film, how it’s made, why certain camera shots are used, lighting, etc” (a WEA student of my ‘Film and Nostalgia: Representations of History’ course)
“This has been a very interesting course and I will now look at films in a new light” (a WEA student of my ‘Film and Nostalgia: Representations of History’ course)
“Bex communicates well with the students and is highly committed to teaching.” (Dr Palfreyman, Department of German Studies, University of Nottingham)