5 key reasons to have private tutoring

There are many reasons to get private tutoring but here are my five favourite reasons:


  1. Confidencecropped-pexels-photo-287240.jpg

There is nothing better than a great tutor to increase your confidence. In my view, this is the number one role of a tutor and many students I have worked with have wanted tutoring because they think they are not good at the subject we are learning together. After just a couple of sessions, they often appear completely different and seem much more confident in their own abilities. Some students who begin a subject from scratch with me, for example Portuguese, find they are nervous and are unsure of how to teach themselves and want to have someone who they are confident will get them learning the subject as quickly as possible! I am also a life coach, so i bring confidence coaching into my tutoring sessions to get my students feeling good about their abilities.


2.  Increasing knowledge quickly

In group teaching, particularly in a big classroom in school, there is little time for teachers to get to know the strengths and weaknesses of their students in depth. When I have been teaching in schools, I have often taken the extra time to work this out, particularly for my GCSE and A level classes. But most teachers don’t do this. With private tutoring, the tutor is dedicating their session to you and you alone. In their preparation for the session, I tailor my teaching to the tutee’s specific strengths and weaknesses, so that I capitalise on their strengths to address their weakness, which increases their overall knowledge very quickly.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA3.  You learn in a space in which you are comfortable

I travel to all my students or I teach them online. This means they are always learning in the comfort of their own home. Believe it or not, this really makes a difference, because they are more relaxed and so often sessions will fly by, as students feel like we are more having a conversation and discussing various academic points rather than it being a formal educational setting. This means tutees learn a lot more, as the relaxed environment allows for you to retain more of the information. Often they will end the session by saying “Wow, that went so quickly, but I learned so much — thanks!”


4.  Tailored learning styles

I take the time to find out what captivates my students: what their interests are and what motivates them. I find that this helps me to build up a picture of what learning styles will suit them. I found out one of my language students loved card-making, so the next class we made a menu to learn about food and how to order food in a restaurant. She loved it!


5.  You have someone to listen

A good tutor will listen to your problems and help you find solutions in a similar way to a life coach. This is why I do both tutoring and coaching, and why I offer them together. Tutors should be there to be on your side, to encourage, support and coach you to success. I believe a good tutor will listen to your struggles and be enthusiastic about helping you find solutions.


I hope this gives you somewhat of an insight into what my style of tutoring is like and why I believe tutoring is a great experience.


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